At Kessinger Aesthetic Dermatology, we offer a broad selection of cosmetic injectable treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Boost your confidence, improve your well-being, and restore your natural youthful appearance. In our office, we can safely and effectively smooth lines, wrinkles, and folds, restore lost volume, add desirable definition, enhance contours and accentuate your greatest features in minutes with little to no downtime. In addition, our experts can rejuvenate your lower eyelids, neck, hands, and more.

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How Sculptra Works - The Injectable That Defies Aging w Results Up to 25 Months After Injection

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Whats the difference between botox and dysport?

Both are wrinkle relaxers, but have different manufactures. The units are measured differently. Dysport units are smaller than botox. It take 2.5 units of dysport to equal 1 unit of botox, so dysport can last 3 weeks longer than botox. Botox was FDA approved in America in 2002 and Dysport was FDA approved in Europe in 2009.


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